In Support of Ukrainian Euro-Integration

The World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations supports the participants of the peaceful protest at the EuroMaidan in Ukraine and expresses its profound outrage regarding the numerous acts of violence on the part of law enforcement against the youth, students and participants of the peaceful protest, including a beating of more than 40 Ukrainian and foreign journalists.

This unreasonable violence is contrary to principles that were previously approved by the EU and the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius. The Government must not penalize citizens and violate their constitutional right to a peaceful assembly and protest.

Today at a meeting with the Ambassadors of the EU, Canada and the United States, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov stated the following re the dispersal of the EuroMaidan, “I tell you quite frankly, neither the President nor the Prime Minister knew about these actions.” If that is the case then what kind of Government is this and who manages these operations in Ukraine?

Therefore The World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations supports the presentation to Parliament of a draft resolution on the resignation of the Government on December 3rd, and anticipates its approval. Millions of Ukrainians have a right to live in a democratic European Ukraine!

We call upon the member organizations of WFUWO to demonstrate their support of the EuroMaidan and appeal to their constituents to do the same. Ukraine must sense the strong support of the diaspora, and notably that of Ukrainian women.


Orysia Sushko
President WFUWO

Alexandra Faryma
Secretary WFUWO

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