Maidan Public Sector

The World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations is appealing to its member organizations to respond to the request put forth by the “Maidan Public Sector”. This initiative supports the EuroMaidan with the goal of peaceful resistance in order to create an environment for system change in Ukraine. It serves as an informal association based on democratic principles.

The authors of this appeal outline specific steps the international community can take to assist in these efforts. They believe that the most important assistance for Ukraine at this time from Ukrainians abroad must include:

  1. Pressure on the Governments in the countries of your residence with the aim of introducing sanctions.
  2. The dissemination of truthful information about events in Ukraine.

Therefore, we request that our member organizations continue their efforts in support of the EuroMaidan taking into account the above recommendations. We also request that information relative to these efforts be shared with the WFUWO executive.

Our actions in this respect will once again demonstrate our support of the people of Ukraine at this crucial turning point in history, as well as inform the world of our solidarity and unity with their continued aspirations for a free and democratic nation.

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