Ukraine’s Association Agreement with the European Union

The World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations (WFUWO) congratulates the Ukrainian people on the historic signing of the political provisions of the Association Agreement with the European Union. All of WFUWO’s 27 member organizations are overjoyed to receive this long anticipated news. With their signatures, the heads of States and Governments of 28 EU countries, the leaders of the EU and Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, changed the course of history for the Ukrainian nation, and for Ukrainians living in every nation of the world. This is a momentous step towards Ukraine’s full membership in the EU.

The signing of these critical documents occurs at a harsh time in Ukrainian history, in the wake of revolutionary events that claimed the lives of innocent people, leaving families mourning and children orphaned. “The Heavenly Hundred” will be forever remembered as martyrs and heroic champions of truth and freedom, sacrificed to the Russian Federation’s insidious military interference.

The WFUWO remains confident that in the near future, the entire Agreement will be signed and Ukraine will celebrate full membership in the European Union. In this we hear the echo of Ukraine’s national anthem: “Dear fellow Ukrainians, providence will smile upon us yet!”

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