On The Beatings in Kyiv

The World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations once again expresses grave concern over the latest developments in Ukraine and the unjust actions of the Berkut riot police against participants of the peaceful protests. Recent events – the beating of those picketing outside a Kyiv Court and the brutal beating of Ukaine’s former Interior Minister, Yurij Lutsenko, and leader of the movement “Third Ukrainian Republic” has roused the whole world. Yurij Lutsenko was severely injured when he attempted a peaceful Intervention during a confrontation between riot police and opposition activists. Lutsenko was taken to hospital with severe head injuries and placed in intensive care. As well, three deputies from the “Svoboda” (Liberty) Party, several reporters and photographers were severely injured. Following these events there were 11 people hospitalized with severe bruises and broken limbs.

The events of recent months in Ukraine – the dispersal and beating of participants of the Euromaidan on November 20th, attacks on individual journalists, and the beating of Tеtiana Chornovol clearly indicate that Ukrainian authorities have not learned democratic ways to respond to peaceful citizen protests, and constantly resort to violence.

The World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations urges the authorities of Ukraine to bring to justice the perpetrators of brutality against peaceful protestors.

Orysia Sushko

Alexandra Faryma

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