On The Situation in Ukraine

The World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations expresses our earnest support for the people of Ukraine, who for the past 2 months have been bravely defending their rights to a democratic European future. As time passes, unfortunately, the situation has become much worse.

The laws, which were approved on January 16 by the Verkhovna Rada (Government) of Ukraine, aimed at protecting and consolidating an authoritarian regime and the collapse of democracy have aggravated the situation and have resulted in clashes between frustrated and provoked citizens and the police.

Member of Parliament of Ukraine, Volodymyr Oliynyk confirmed in a live broadcast on “Public TV” that he did not count raised hands during the voting in Parliament on January 16th, however he is convinced that voting passed with stringent compliance with the “rules”.

To this point the actions and statements of the international community and authoritative international organizations have not been effective. It is time to move on to more concrete action.

We encourage our member organizations to appeal to the governments in their countries to take appropriate and immediate action in response to the dire situation in Ukraine.

As well, we encourage financial support for the activists of the EuroMaidan as well as the media, who provide the world with information 24 hours a day and keep us informed of the events as they take place.

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